The Top Portable Power Generator Review

If you are someone who frequently works off of the grid, or maybe the type of person who loves going on road trips or camping, you know that it is important to have access to electricity. Well, you have come to the right place to learn about the best portable power generator that I have been able to find in my search. For me, it started when the city I live in was hit by a strong hurricane. Although the buildings in the area did not experience extreme damage, we were without electricity for over two weeks. My mobile devices lost their charges after about eight hours, and at that point I would go into my car to charge them up, which was a great solution until the fuel tank went empty. After going through that ordeal, I made it a point to find the best portable power generator, so that I would not have to go through that again. If you’d like to see a range of reviews before our portable recommendation, then check out these portable generator reviews through

Best Portable Generator Guide

Upon searching the internet extensively, I came across a company called Goal Zero, and I was immediately impressed by the array of portable power generators that they had to offer. Goal Zero offers the Yeti line of durable, easy to carry power supplies which can be charged via traditional electrical outlets. However, what makes the Yeti the best portable power generator is the fact that you are able to charge it with a lightweight, easy folding solar panel.

The Goal Zero company offers solutions for power needs of every size, from enough energy to charge your mobile devices to products which can keep a full scale camping excursion comfortably energized. I would highly recommend that you give their website a visit, and you will probably be just as impressed as I was when I realized that they offer the best portable power generator on the market.